Philippe Karl The Art of Riding: Classical Dressage to High School: Odin at Saumur

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by: Philippe Karl

Medium: Book – Hardcover

Edition Language: english

Umfang: 159 pages

Format: 24 cm x 27 cm

Publisher: Cadmos Equestrian

In this new edition, French riding master Philippe Karl writes about training horses from a very personal perspective. The Art of Riding documents the training and development of the Lusitano stallion 'Odin' according to traditional French classical principles, from young horse all the way up to High School. The book covers: * The requirements of balance: collection and conformation * The philosophy of Academic Equitation: the language of the aids - seat, hands, legs * Exercises for lateral flexibility: work on one and two tracks * Work at the canter: counter-canter, flying lead changes, tempi changes * Collection: piaffe, passage, pesade * Canter pirouettes: preparation and development

The author:

Philippe Karl’s first priorities are respect and love for the horse. In his Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness), any use of force or coercive means is strictly unacceptable. This includes training aids such as draw reins and side reins, as well as tight nosebands.

Philippe Karl’s philosophy delivers a coherent and comprehensive training programme through which horses of all types and breeds can be schooled in all equestrian disciplines. He offers clear principles and efficient methods where all actions and procedures fully respect the nature of each individual horse. In short, he opens the door to high school equitation for any seriously motivated rider – even for those with “quite an ordinary horse”.